All The KühlToys Your Buddies Want and Wife Won't Approve!
Do You Really Need a Gun to Kill Flies?
August 7, 2018

KuhlToys host Scott Bourquin finds out if you need a gun to kill flies. According to Lorenzo, the Bug-A-Salt gun is an all natural and (almost) safe way […]

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Best Wearable For Sleep?
June 26, 2018
iMacwear M7

What is the best wearable for sleep?  As a pilot, sleep is a critical element in my life.  The FAA has an entire program dedicated to safety and […]

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Low Budget Video Gear Failure – Our Canon 70D Won’t Turn On.
April 10, 2018
Canon 70D KuhlToys

Shooting quality videos with low budget video gear is getting easier every day. When KuhlToys Started out all we had was a Canon handicam and a Rode microphone […]

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