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Low Budget Video Gear Failure – Our Canon 70D Won’t Turn On.
April 10, 2018
Canon 70D KuhlToys

Shooting quality videos with low budget video gear is getting easier every day. When KuhlToys Started out all we had was a Canon handicam and a Rode microphone for the iPhone 4. That first episode has over 100,000 views so it can’t be that bad can it?

These days we have upped the game.  That little Canon Handicam is still in inventory but doesn’t come out much.  That said we are still shooting with pretty low budget video gear.

Most episodes are shot on a Canon SL2, and a Canon 70D.  We bought the SL2 as a backup and found that it has the better face tracking of the 80D so it moved up to the Camera 1 slot.

Canon 70D KuhlToys

Canon 70D – The Dead Soldier

Today while setting up to shoot B roll with the 70D about 400 miles from our studio, the 70D wouldn’t wake up.  It turns out that the 70D has a shirt history of failures when being used for video shooting.  Several forums say that the 70D overheats when shooting video and eventually a small capacitor on the main board pops and you are done.

Having a 70D freeze or quit while you are shooting is one thing.  This one finished the last shot and just wouldn’t fire up this morning.  Much like a dead battery.  That thought lead us to find a video showing this little tiny switch inside the battery door.  It didn’t help but it was worth a shot.

Thankfully our main studio is very close to a Canon center so we can save the $45 shipping fee and drop it off for repair.  Anyone want a deal on a “repaired” 70D body.  Knowing it isn’t good for long video shoots means it might have to go.  It has been a great camera too.

Stay tuned and we’ll tell you if there is something stupid we did when it comes back from Canon.

Editors Note:  We have the answer, Canon DSLR’s can only record video for 30 minutes.  Running right to the limit eventually burns out the main board.  We have the camera back and in the interim upgraded to the XF-100 and XF-205 as our main cameras.  We also have a Canon 5D Mkii and our camera crew has a Canon C100 and a Canon 5D MkIV.  Check out videos to see how those cameras look.


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