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LED Tail Lights, Turn Signals and More For KuhlToys Jeep JK
September 17, 2018
Jeep JK in Surf Mode by KuhlToys

The headlights were pretty bad and after upgrading them we decided the rest of the #KuhlToys Jeep JK lights needed an upgrade.  So Here we go.

LED Tail Lights, Marker Lights and Fog Lights finish of the Jeep JK Lighting

Jeep LED Tail Lights

The Jeep tail lights are pretty mundane and look like they have since my dad was a kid.  In the day of anything goes LED lights there are at least a dozen different styles for basic Jeep tail lights.  We decided on the diamond pattern simply because we hadn’t seen many of them.  One thing I will say, with the smoked covers they are a little dim at night on dark highways.  A guy flipped his car right in front of me so I pulled over, put on the hazards and realized that they aren’t nearly as bright as the original.

Other than that the reverse light is about the same so we are thinking of putting in some additional lights in the rear bumper to really light it up.  It isn’t like you can see a lot through the tire though.

Jeep JK Smoked LED Marker Lights

Probably the best accent on the grey JK was to remove the factory marker lights and add smoked LED marker lights.  They blend in very nice with the color and still offer good visibility when they are on.

Jeep JK LED Fog Light Replacement

Another great addition for night lighting is the LED projector Fog lights.  These things are great in the fog.  Whenever Al Gore turns off the global warming switch and we get some snow we’ll let you know how they do.  The one concern we have with all of the LED lights is that they use so much less power and run so much cooler that the snow will just pack on.  One of our crew suggested that we use #RainX on the lights to prevent build up so there is a small bottle in the KuhlToys JK waiting for snow!

SuiTech sent us a cool A arm lighting switch kit so we are looking for some lights to add.  The backup LED are already a given.  A rear euro style fog light might be an option, and one or two sets of LED’s in the grill or added to the bumper are also potentials.  We are looking at every Jeep we see at night to see what is really #Kuhl.

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