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LED Halo Headlights For Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited
January 4, 2017

LED Halo Headlights are quite popular these days.   When we started Kühl Toys as Tech-Tach-Dough, this was our first video.  Even if you don’t have a Jeep JK, just about any round headlight car can do this!


LED Halo Headlight Upgrade from BeachStreetNews on Vimeo.

Pilot Episode of Tech Tach Dough – LED Headlight Installation, Click Play to Watch

Installing LED Halo Headlights on a Jeep Wrangler JK is an easy DIY project that adds a lot of cool points to your Jeep.

If you are thinking of Installing LED Halo Headlights with Daytime Running lights or DRLs in your Jeep than watch the video to see exactly how our host Scott Bourquin did it. And yes we really let him do this by himself.

LED lights are all the rage, and Scott shows you how to install a set of LED halo headlights that are DOT certified (Street Legal) for one of our Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK’s. We have three here at TecTacDoh.  He’ll compare it to our Director’s stock Wrangler JK headlights.

In addition to installing the LED headlights in the Jeep, we’ll also cover  your options for wiring the Halo’s as Daytime Running Lights or DRL’s.   It is a quick and easy project to add LED Headlights to just about any car or motorcycle that has a standard 7″ round headlight to replace. Even if you don’t have a Jeep, any car with standard 7″ round headlights can upgrade to these cool LED headlights.

The LED headlights with Halo rings we chose to install were the least expensive we could find, and to make it easy, here is a link to the exact same Halo LED headlights that we bought.  If another vendor wants to send us a set for our other Jeep, we’ll be more than happy to do a comparo episode! Product Submission Information is available by Clicking Here.

You don’t have to put these in the oven, open your stock headlights or any other crazy work. This is a 4 tool installation, Torx 15, flathead screwdriver, wire cutter and crimper and that is it.

If you want to hook up the Halo rings as Daytime Running Lights, you’ll need a couple of things. Some automotive electrical wire, red or black works best. Electrical tape, tap connectors and male and female blade connectors an “add a fuse” adapter and some electrical pliers. If you can’t get electrical pliers, we did it all with standard pliers. Finally some RTV silicone to make sure you keep the fuse box under the hood water tight.

So here is the video with the headlights and some of the stuff you need below!

Click on any photos for information of how to purchase on Amazon, or more about the items.  The harnesses that come with the headlights don’t have anti-flicker, we had to buy those separately.

Editors Note: February 17th 2017, an element in the Sui-Tech PAW  headlights featured in the video failed.  We purchased them through a third party so they weren’t warrantied by the manufacturer.  The headlight pictured below is the newer headlight and we are hoping they will send us a set to test.  Sui-Tech’s official US vendor is Tejera LLC and they tell us these lights are 30% brighter and now have a 2 year warranty if you buy from them.

Editors Note: March 3rd 2017, new headlights are in the studio and in the Jeep, look for the video soon.  Yes the new ones are a significant improvement in both output and pattern.

Sui-Tech LED headlights for Jeep Sold by Tejera LLC

Newer Version of the LED headlights

Anti Flicker Harness

Anti Flicker Harness



7 thoughts on “LED Halo Headlights For Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited

  1. Mariah says:

    Hi Scott,
    I recently purchased LED Halo Low/High Beam headlights for my 2008 Jeep Wrangler.
    I watched your video and did everything accordingly. For some reason once i put my jeep into drive the low beams automatically come on due to safety reasons. Do you know if there is a way around this so just my halo lights will be on for daytime running lights?
    Please let me know

    1. Kuhl Toys says:

      We have three of the newer Wrangler Saharas, and what I found is that I had a piece of paper over the daylight sensor on the dash. If you have a Canadian Jeep that is wired for DRL, then you need to go into the menu and turn them off so that the Halo can remain on as the DRL. On Canadian Jeeps, when you select Drive, the headlights are turned on 50% which is plenty of wattage to run the LED’s and cause the Halo’s to turn off.

      We hope this helps and if you find another solution, please let us know. – Ed

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