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Jawbone or FitBit or Smartwatch, Which Is The Kühl Toy? Are Any of Them?
January 21, 2017

KuhlToys Jawbone Fitbit Smartwatch ep 1.01 from Kühl Toys on Vimeo.

Jawbone Up, FitBit or Smartwatch?  This is a real question, and while we wouldn’t consider any wearable a Kühl Toy on the surface,  you gotta be in good shape to run with the big dogs on the race track and fitness trackers can help.  KühlToys Host Scott used the Jawbone Up to help him lose over 20 pounds.  KühlToys Director Craig Railsback wears the Apple Watch.

While there are literally dozens of fitness trackers and smartwatches that can all do the job, we took a look at the big three.  There are going to be a thousand opinions, and yes, the Jawbone Up in the original, discontinued format is the most uncomfortable, it is still a contender, and we’ll tell you why.


With the Original Jawbone Up selling for as little as $25 on Amazon, and the Up2 and Up3 now under $50, it appears that something is up at Jawbone.  On their website Jawbone is no longer showing the original version which would make sense if the new versions did everything the original did and more.  There is rumor that after losing a patent case to the makers of FitBit, that the Jawbone tracker may be on the way out.  The funny thing is Jawbone sued FitBit for hiring away key people and stealing secrets.

Jawbone Up3

Jawbone Up3

Legal stuff aside, this episode of Kühl Toys covers the high points of a smart watch, Jawbone UP, UP3, and the FitBit Alta. We didn’t look at the Apple Watch though, the one we compared was under $50 on amazon and had its own sim port so it was a true cell phone you could run with and not have a small TV strapped to your arm as well.

Are any of them good enough to be a Kühl Toy?

Click the video above to see what we decided.

Fit Bit Alta


GSM Cell Watch Under $50 on Amazon

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