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Halo Headlights – Projector Style
April 2, 2017

Halo Headlights – Projector Style from Kühl Toys on Vimeo.

All the questions you had on YouTube about the Halo Headlights we installed in the pilot episode we called Tech-Tach-Dough get answered. The PAW style Halo LED headlights that we installed in the first episode have failed.

SuiTech stepped up and sent us another set. Even better, they sent us their newer “projector” style LED Halo’s. In the new kit SuiTech included the extra wire we had to make in the first segment.

These lights have some incredible specs. Clearly brighter and a better light pattern than the PAW style lights. Night visibility is fantastic, nobody is flashing because they are too bright and the Halo’s look great.

A few simple tools is all it takes to upgrade your Jeep and have some great looking headlights.  We also decided to bling up the Jeep. A new grill to keep the rocks out and a car wash safe antenna. If it were only that easy, watch the video and find out what didn’t work.

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