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Do You Really Need a Gun to Kill Flies?
August 7, 2018

KuhlToys host Scott Bourquin finds out if you need a gun to kill flies.

According to Lorenzo, the Bug-A-Salt gun is an all natural and (almost) safe way to kill flies without poison. Thanks to a viewer we decided to to go ahead and test the SKELL INC. Bug-A-Salt Camofly 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun.

Using a gun to kill flies, seems like a little overkill. The KuhlToys host, Scott takes the Bug-A-Salt and puts it to the test to see if it will really kill flies without poison.  Is it possible that killing flies can be fun?   If you have seen Scott on his videos, you know he likes Pizza, and when you cook Pizza outdoors you get flies.

When the Bug-A-Salt gun arrived for Scott to test, it quickly made it’s rounds around the office.  Check out the first KühlToys episode for season two as Scott puts the Bug-A-Salt Gun to the real world test killing flies without poison.

The Bug-A-Salt just uses salt.  Think about a pump bb gun that shoots only salt.  Don’t be fooled this is a real gun, and needs to be treated like one.  Never point the Bug-A-Salt at any fly you don’t intend to kill.

Is using a gun to kill flies overkill or is the Bug-A-Salt gun a KühlToy?  Watch now and find out!

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