All The KühlToys Your Buddies Want and Wife Won't Approve!
Which Volt is Better, New or Old? Are Either A KühlToy?

Scott and Vance look at the original Chevrolet Volt and compare it with the new Volt. Scott had a 2013 Volt 1 and now has a 2017 Volt […]

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Halo Headlights – Projector Style

Halo Headlights – Projector Style from Kühl Toys on Vimeo. All the questions you had on YouTube about the Halo Headlights we installed in the pilot episode we […]

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BlueTooth Speaker Hassles? Maybe A-Bus is your Kühl Toys Answer.

Now that you have pandora, Amazon Prime and iHeart radio with your unlimited data plan, is that bluetooth speaker getting to be a hassle to drag everywhere?  Would you […]

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