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BlueTooth Speaker Hassles? Maybe A-Bus is your Kühl Toys Answer.
March 16, 2017

Now that you have pandora, Amazon Prime and iHeart radio with your unlimited data plan, is that bluetooth speaker getting to be a hassle to drag everywhere?  Would you like to have multiple speakers around the house but don’t have the space or the plugs for those big Sonos Speakers?

This weeks Episode we have a solution that just might fit the bill. On this episode of KuhlToys, Scott installs an easy to use system with minimal wiring and the reliability of a wired system. No more dead batteries, bad reception or moving the party because you can’t hear the music!

You will learn a pro trick to find those hidden “gotchas” when installing ceiling speakers.  Studfinders don’t find everything.

Whole house audio made simple, easy and reliable at a price that won’t break the bank. That alone doesn’t make it a Kühl Toy though.  The fact that the system we tested is a standard technology that many companies offer so you won’t be stuck with dead technology is why we picked it and stamped it Kühl Toys Approved!  Oops was that a spoiler alert?

Buy Sonos Here

Sonos taking up too much space?

Complete Room Kit, Just add Speakers

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