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More Power – It’s Floor Removal Tool Time
May 15, 2017

Removing a wood floor can be a real back breaking chore. Even with the right tools it can take days or weeks if the wood is engineered and glued down on a concrete foundation.

While we were on break looking for more KühlToys for season two, Scott’s “honey-do” list was put on his desk and it included removing the floor in the laundry room. Starting out with a chisel and hammer the way the floor pros at the box store told him to, it took days to remove just a few boards.

With a little help from more power, in an homage to Tim Allen aka Tim Taylor on Tool Time, Scott found a better way to get the floor out, proving that more power can make a KühlToy.

A reciprocating saw with a flexible blade and a scraper save the day and Scott’s back.

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